Do Good with Duffeyrolls

Making the World Just a Bit Sweeter

At Duffeyroll, we believe in people- and we believe those people want to do good. We would be nothing without our people- our staff, our customers, our community. We continue to be forever grateful for every relationship we have cultivated over this 34 year journey.

Now more than ever, kindness is king. Share a little sweetness with Duffeyrolls. What a great way to show someone you care.

Our Do Good with Duffeyrolls program is designed to bring together philanthropists and their benefactors through the gift of Duffeyrolls- and we match your donation!

Make the World Better- One Duffeyroll at a Time

Through Do Good with Duffeyrolls, we make it easy to be sweet to someone. Donations of Duffeyrolls made to charitable organizations are matched by us in the form of Dufferyoll vouchers. Something sweet now and later.

Delivery, distribution, coordination, your tax write off receipts- we take care of it all. Remain anonymous or take the glory- you gift how you want and we make it happen.

From Children’s Hospital to over seas, we have helped put smiles on the faces of so many by distributing Duffeyrolls. It is a uniquely Colorado way to be benevolent.

Want to learn more? Fill out our form and we will get back to you soon. We can’t wait to start Doing Good with you.

Thank you for your interest in making the world sweeter!

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