Legendary Duffeyrolls

Cinnamon, Savory or Cobbler- get to know them all!

Handrolled daily

A memorably delicious proprietary dough recipe featuring a perfect balance of light buttery crunchiness with a mouthwatering soft center. Offered in the deeply satisfying Original or topped with Duffey’s exquisite glazes lightly drizzled as a taste triggering accent. Duffey’s sensual and memorably delicious cinnamon rolls are appropriately sized not to overwhelm – and handrolled and baked fresh daily by Duffey’s specially trained bakers. The Duffeyroll family now includes popular savory and cobbler rolls!

The lineup


The roll that started it all- dusted with cinnamon sugar

Zesty Orange

A little citrus, a little sweet

Mountain Maple

With a hint of savory maple flavor

Irish Cream

Traditional cream cheese glaze with sprinkles

English Toffee

Decadently layered with toffee glaze and toffee bits

Pecanilla Crunch

Traditional cream cheese glaze with crunchy pecans

Bacon Savory

Rolled with cheddar cheese and house roasted tomato

Ham Savory

Rolled with Swiss cheese and Honeycup Mustard

Veggie Savory

Spinach, tomato and Provolone with our own blend of savory spices

Sticky Bun

The ultimate indulgence- with sticky "goo" and pecan pieces

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