The Duffeyroll Story


Once upon a time in Denver
An Oilman was drinking
Wondering if his ship
would ever start sinking
The time was Spring but prosperity
seemed a far away thing.
Jim Duffey looked up to order another
Not knowing Nicolai the bartender
Would soon be his brother
Soon after Jim and Nicolai formed a team
Intent on pursuing the American Dream
The recipe was Jim’s and the flavor was in,
But the odds were not good, or so it did seem
The pushcarts were made and the plan was laid
Introduce Denver to the Duffeyroll
And they’d have it made in the shade
Their cinnamon roll was the best
It was said with no jest
At last they passed, passed their first test
Jim and Nicolai’s energy did not wilt,
Thus their first bakery was finally built
And now here they are having come so far
Wondering if you have tasted their star.

Nicolai – 1987

To paraphrase Messrs, Garcia, Lesh, and Weir, “What a long great trip it’s been” The Duffeyroll is a Colorado grown, community based company co-founded by Jim Duffey (an oilman) and Nick Ault (a social chemist – aka bartender) in 1986. Our unique mouthwatering cinnamon roll recipe was introduced via two pushcarts on the 16th Street Mall in Downtown Denver. After establishing a fast growing number of Duffeyroll connoisseurs greeting morning pedestrian traffic, we opened the original Duffey’s Bakery six months later in November of 1986. Nick assumed sole ownership of the company in 1987. Duffeyrolls have since become a treasured Colorado tradition and taste adventure.

We now serve fresh baked Duffeyrolls (cinnamon – savory – cobbler) at our three popular neighborhood gathering spots in Denver where the smiles of generations of “Duffeyroller” family and friends are displayed through our famous wall to wall picture galleries. Folks gather to enjoy our tasty signature breakfast and lunch menu, warm, friendly vibe, and sunny outdoor patios. Duffeys also provides local delivery & catering venues and a nationwide mail order service – featuring Bake at Home Duffeyroll Pans!

We humbly appreciate and thank our ever-growing family of friends for your loyalty and ongoing support of our company where we pride ourselves on helping navigate a weather-filled fast paced world by providing rays of sunshine through Duffey’s timeless mission statement: “To create memorably delicious eats and experiences that are the talk of the town.”

The most excellent adventure continues…!


Ways to Enjoy

There are so many ways to enjoy Duffeyrolls