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Cool Story- “Duffey” and “Doughboy”

Duffey’s Cool Stuff mention includes the man behind the creation of our beloved – “Duffey” Icon.
Carl Strobe lived a remarkable life. At eighteen – Carl was recognized by the Museum of Modern Art with
the Designer of the Year Award at the first International Good Design Show. Carl was known for his
creativity, ability to think out of the proverbial box, and behind the scenes marketing genius for a broad
spectrum of iconic Worldwide brands and concepts. His accomplishments range from the original
Pontiac Widetrack campaign to the Pillsbury Doughboy; from Dow’s Saran Wrap to Dupont’s Tyvek; and
was under contract with the Secretary of the Air Force where he participated in the development of the
Air Force Test Pilot School and the Astronaut program in the 1960’s.

For over twenty years – Carl Strobe coordinated the efforts of Pillsbury’s advertising agencies,
developed their in-house media department, put them in the publishing business, designed and
developed all their packaging, and concepted all their new products.

I had the honor and privilege of being introduced to Carl Strobe and his lovely wife Lynne in 2002. An
unexpected invitation evolved to fly to Roswell, Georgia to meet the creator of the Pillsbury Doughboy
and provide some samples of Denver’s legendary Duffeyrolls. That weekend visit launched a treasured
friendship with one of the most kind, generous and talented people I have ever known. Carl possessed a
whimsical, child like purity in sharing stories and insights about the world around us.

When we met – Carl was retired but nurturing his creative side by being the resident artist for the
Atlanta Zoo. After sharing my desire for a Duffeyroll “mascot” – Carl engaged and offered to create one.
The result was of course – spot on. Our icon “Duffey” represents the gregarious, adventurous smile evoking side of the Duffeyroll community and culture.

Looking up at the stars at night its hard not to think of Carl as one of the stars shooting across with a
unique, mesmerizing and familiar twinkle.

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