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Sunrise Musings 2020

Thought provoking times eh? One of my happy places growing my business was the peace of flouring a bakers bench – listening to tunes (with an occasional dance spin) during the early morning baker’s hours and greeting the Duffeyroll community at sunrise with freshly baked cinnamon rolls and coffee. A heart warming reminisce to simpler times and feeling the daily joys and opportunity of serving folks in simple, meaningful and smile evoking ways. It is interesting and perhaps worthy of sharing that those peaceful feelings are still “available” through a deepening relationship with God, being kind to each other, and reminding ourselves that we have choices of leaning into the vitriol / chaos – OR – stepping back and seeing the good in people that weave in and out of our daily tapestry and life routines. I believe we all want similar things in life centering on peace and love. It seems predictably sensible to me that the more we tune out the divisiveness and stranglehold of political / media divide – (BOTH SIDES) – the more we will reconnect with and appreciate our own and each others happy places. Like a bakers bench at Duffey’s in the wee hours of the morning looking forward to the sun rise and excitement of the day ahead…


Nick Ault

Owner / Co-Founder

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