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What is Spirit?

Years ago a dear friend – Lexie Brockway Potamkin – embarked on a journey to publish a book titled “What is Spirit?” The seemingly simple ponderance was posed to people famous for what they do and others who quietly nurture their trade without public recognition. The Book is a “unique compilation of quotes and inspirational stories that reveals how people of all faiths, backgrounds, and walks of life experience the presence of Spirit in their lives”

I was struck by the warm and calming human connection I felt in that Spirit is a common bond between us all. I agree in Lexie’s conclusion that “Spirit is pure, unconditional love. Peaceful and free, it is available to anyone, anytime, anywhere. Tapping into this essence is, I believe, a choice we make, and can make, at any moment, because each and everyone of us is free to choose love.”

When I shared with Lexie my love for nature and water and my plan for an afternoon to relax riverside in the Rocky Mountains – she asked me to complete her question – What is Spirit?

Gazing up stream the following ponderance evolved:

Spirit is

Like the free flow of a river,

Effortlessly elastic

In the wake of material challenges.

Shimmeringly beautiful,

God like

And free


Additionally I recommend Lexie’s book “What is Spirit (w/ Art by Peter Max) – it is a worthwhile read and inner journey to explore.

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